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About us

We are the leading logistics operator in foreign trade in Ecuador, providing comprehensive solutions in an effective and efficient manner, being a strategic ally in the supply chain, with more than 30 years of experience.

Logistics Intelligence

We provide warehousing, inventory management, merchandise conditioning, dispatch and distribution services according to your needs through our infrastructure, innovation and tools technological being an important part of the supply chain.

Services we provide

Storage of merchandise on floor and shelves (RACKS) in Quito and Guayaquil.

Packaging of goods such as: packaging, coding (INKJEY), promotional packaging, labelling, etc.

Cross Docking (Transhipment)

Our Strengths

Company with the endorsement of the Di fare Group and Torres & Torres Group

Optimal infrastructure for the storage of goods

Physical security and safety of goods

Wineries with controlled temperature and relative humidity

Delivery fulfillment with integration of internal systems of the logistics chain

Availability of inventories of your goods through web portal for customers

Using Handheld Tools for Immediate Inventory Update

Innovación centrada en la experiencia del cliente en operaciones de estiba

Seguridad en la inocuidad en el manejo de mercaderías.