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About us

We are the leading logistics operator in foreign trade in Ecuador, providing comprehensive solutions in an effective and efficient manner, being a strategic ally in the supply chain, with more than 30 years of experience.

Stowage Operations and General Services

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We have specialized personnel for the stowage of all types of cargo and comprehensive service work in the warehouse and offices, using hydraulic  implements according to needs, provided with personal protection (PPE) minimizing occupational risks, complying with current legal norms and standards. Permanently monitoring our operations through technological coordination and control tools that allow us to provide an excellent service.

Services we provide

Merchandise labeling

Packaging of merchandise

Cleaning and painting of warehouse

Forklift and crane hire

Processing and sanitising of crates and pallets

Reconditioning of merchandise and warehouses

Bagging products

Loading and Unloading

Our Strengths

Specialists in stowage of all types of cargoes: dangerous, mass consumption, refrigerated, bulk and fragile

Own staff with legal benefits and private health insurance

Specialized equipment (PPE and others) for handling all types of loads

Technological tools for the assignment and monitoring of operations

Innovation focused on customer experience in stevedoring operations

Industrial Safety Technician for the control and improvement of ergonomic processes and occupational risks

Crew supervisor for coordination and execution of good stowage practices

Regular meetings of compliance indicators and process improvements